Sculptra Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

Non-surgical butt lifts are available through licensed physicians and facilities, but not all of them provide the same quality of service we can. The reasons you might need this type of procedure vary from case to case; however, many of our clients come to us wanting to improve their self-esteem and beauty. Cosmetic correction treatments like non-surgical butt lifts fall along those lines perfectly.

In fact, you might be a candidate for Sculptra butt-lift treatment in Beverly Hills, CA, if you’re in excellent health and can set aside time for each injection. Here’s what else you need to know about the procedure.

Sculptra Butt Lift in Beverly Hills CA

What is Sculptra?

Simply put, Sculptra is a series of injections that works to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, but you can use it for non-surgical butt lifts too. The idea is to restore the body’s natural ability to create more collagen. The levels of this protein in the skin dwindle over time as we age, so when you stimulate the body to produce collagen, you can minimize wrinkles and other age-related skin conditions.

But the results are encouraging when used for butt lifts for clients who can’t undergo surgery. The actual procedure will involve injecting Sculptra under the skin, which contains a mixture of synthetic dermal cosmetic fillers. These materials are biodegradable as well as biocompatible, so as long as you have a healthy immune system and no history of allergic reactions, you should be OK to use the treatment. Here’s a quick explanation of how it works to put you at ease. 

How does Sculptra work?

The treatment works by injecting the dermal filler into the area of concern, and over time, the materials help the body naturally produce more collagen, creating a non-surgical butt lift without needing invasive surgery. The active compound in Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA).

PLLA reaches the deeper layers of skin where collagen forms. The next step is to undergo multiple tiny injections to ensure the fillers completely cover the area of concern. Afterward, you will have to receive a few more treatments over the course of a few months. Most people need about three injections to achieve the desired results, yet it varies from case to case.

  • Sculptra for facial injections – Treating skin wrinkles is the primary use for Sculptra, and there is a high chance of successful outcomes for those who undergo the entire course of injections. Just like any cosmetic procedure, it’s always best to receive Sculptra under the supervision of a licensed physician.
  • Sculptra for non-surgical-butt lift treatments – Sculptra is also effective for cosmetic procedures that seek to “lift” the glutes and thighs or correct cellulite build-up. The only downside is that you will have to complete the entire course to see results over time, whereas facial treatments may begin to show results after the first few weeks.

Those are the basics of how Sculptra works. It’s non-invasive compared to butt lift surgeries, and many people qualify for the procedure. The only tricky part is that you may have difficulty finding trained professionals to perform the injections property, and that’s where we come in to provide quality care in Beverly Hills, CA.

Are you a candidate for Sculptra? Contact us to learn more!

If you have any health concerns, please, consult your physician to see whether or not you’re a candidate. But you’ll qualify if you have a healthy immune system and have never had an allergic reaction. Other minor risk factors exist, so getting a professional consultation is critical.

Still, we understand that you may not have the time to come into our office, so that Onsite Medspa will travel to your location instead. You can undergo the procedure at home, at your place of work, or at another locale of your choosing.

There’s certainly no shortage of cosmetic correction facilities in the area, yet few provide services on-site if your schedule is tight. We have a track record for success and a reputation for quality service you can count on when looking for professional non-surgical butt lifts. We welcome you to reach out to us to start the process.

Contact us to book an appointment today and start receiving mobile, non-surgical butt lift treatments in Beverly Hills, CA!

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