PDO Threads Treatment in Calabasas, CA

The desire to get a face lift is a big one for many people. If you have seen significant changes to your skin and overall facial composition over the years, you may want to find a treatment that can “fix this” but you don’t want to use a traditional surgical procedure. That is where polydioxanone (PDO) threads treatment can help you. It is well recognized as a non-surgical face lift treatment by medical aesthetics. Could it be the right choice for you?

PDO Threads in Calabasas Ca

What Is a PDO Thread Face Lift Treatment?

Traditional face lift procedures carry numerous risks. PDO thread treatment eliminates many of those problems. This procedure involves the use of dissolvable surgical sutures. These sutures are called PDO threads. They work to lift specific areas of the face to create more definition and eliminate some of the wrinkles that develop over time. It can create some of the results that a face lift offers without the surgery.

PDO threads are popular treatments because of how well they work. They are also a temporary treatment. They typically last for 2 to 3 years before requiring another procedure. However, this is the ideal choice for those who want an effective, non-surgical alternative to surgical facelifts.

How Does It Work?

PDO threads are made from colorless polyester. These dissolve over time, usually over four to six months. This is done through the process of hydrolysis.

When these threads are placed, the body recognizes them as foreign objects and goes to work to remove them. This triggers fibroblasts to occur. This process stimulates the production of collagen in that area. You may know that collagen is one of the most important proteins in your body in terms of skin health. However, as a person gets older, collagen production falls significantly, which is one of the most common reasons you may have aging skin.

Because the body boosts collagen production during this procedure, it helps to increase the amount of structure and elasticity present.

To do this, we use a process called NovaThreads. It is a very safe procedure that can help to encourage your body to produce collagen in areas desired in a safe manner.

The procedure for it is not invasive. Instead, the area is numbed, a pre-loaded syringe then injects the material into the area. It is placed in just the right position to create the desired results. It is likely that you will see an immediate improvement, but the best results often take a month or two to become fully visible.

We will provide you with steps to follow after the procedure to ensure your skin remains healthy.

What Areas of the Face Can PDO Thread Help With?

NovaThreads can be used for a variety of skin needs throughout the face. That includes areas such as:

  • Checks
  • Jawline
  • Lips
  • Eyebrows

In all of these areas, the process works to firm up the skin, helping you have smooth, plump looking skin in each area.

The treatment selected depends on your specific needs. For example, we use PDO twist threads as a way to restore volume to areas of your skin that have sunken. That includes areas like the cheeks. We also use PDO barb threats in areas where you need to see more of a lift and support to the skin, such as to lift eyebrows. PDO smooth threads aim to help create production to revitalize skin in most regions, such as the jawline and lips.

Who Can Get it?

The use of NovaThreads is very safe, and there are very few risks for it. Our team will ask about any surgical procedures you’ve had in the past, allergies you have, or other skin complications. This type of procedure aims to stimulate collagen production and may not be the right option for all types of conditions.

If you have skin that’s aging and you are ready to see improvement in it, we encourage you to reach out to our team in Calabasas. We can help to determine if you qualify.

How Can You Get PDO Thread Treatment in Calabasas?

One of the best things about PDO Threads is that we can bring it to you. We offer a mobile service that will come to your location to provide you with treatment. We can do this at your office during your lunch break, at home, or anywhere else you would like to meet. If you want to get treatment in Calabasas, give us a call today.

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