Microneedling Treatment in Bel Air, CA

When you need to treat scarring related to a horrible case of acne, don’t lose hope! You have treatment options available in Bel Air, California, including microneedling procedures all done at the safety of your own home, office, or anywhere you choose! Overall, microneedling is a fantastic treatment for patients who are looking to get clearer and tighter skin without harmful chemical peels or invasive treatment.

Without a doubt, microneedling is the perfect cosmetic procedure for patients who want to find a better way to treat acne-related scarring and minor, yet noticeable, defects like wrinkles and stretch marks. You could also use microneedling to treat injuries from accidents and surgeries, depending on the extent of the imperfection. Now, outline the basics before discussing where to find a clinic to perform the cosmetic procedure safely.

A visualization of a Microneedling treatment done in Bel Air, CA.

What exactly is microneedling?

Another name for microneedling is collagen induction therapy, but most of us simply refer to it by its common name. Either way, the essential concept still applies. The idea is that by stimulating collagen and elastin production – two naturally occurring substances found in human skin – you can reduce scarring, most often related to acne or an accident in our younger years.

The treatment works by smoothing out our pores and brightening the skin for a younger, more vibrant look. After receiving microneedling, you’ll be able to tell the difference in a matter of days. Overall, that’s the basic definition, but how exactly does micro-needling work to heal scar tissue?

How does microneedling work?

Microneedling involves breaking the skin with tiny sterilized needles, but you don’t feel a lot of pain. Since the treatment intentionally makes tiny wounds, there may be some discomfort involved during the treatment, and your face may feel a little on the warm side for several hours after the first treatment. Still, the results are always worth it because you’ll see tangible results after only the first few procedures.

As the tiny needles puncture into the skin, your skin will start to produce the collagen necessary to reduce scarring. At our facility located in Bel Air, CA, we use a product called Rejuvapen for micro-needling. The device is hand-held and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which you can’t say about every cosmetic procedure involving the skin.

Rejuvapen is also fast, safe, and effective when removing the tell-tale signs of early aging with a minimally invasive method. Not everyone in the area can provide the same level of experience with Rejuvapen that we can.

Who is a candidate for microneedling?

If you think that micro-needling only works for women, think again. Men are candidates for the treatment too. As long as you don’t have any underlying skin conditions, you’ll benefit from microneedling, but it isn’t a fountain of youth. Instead, it’s a way to look your best no matter how old you are or what your health status is at the time.

The catch is that micro-needling shouldn’t be performed on children or people with blood clotting disorders since the treatment intentionally punches holes in the upper layer of the skin. You can’t use microneedling as a preventative measure ahead of time. Furthermore, you have to be able to heal property to receive the most benefit from microneedling treatments. Other than those basic restrictions, most of us are viable candidates, especially when it comes to an easy-to-use device like Rejuvapen.

What other conditions does microneedling treat?

In addition to scarring related to acne, micro-needling is a fabulous treatment for various defects. We’ve already touched upon accidents and signs related to aging, but you can use it to treat other things as well. If you suffer from burns or have enlarged pores, you can also use this cosmetic procedure to heal the skin when other treatments have already failed. It won’t make scars disappear altogether, but they will become far less noticeable at a glance.

Where can you find the best micro-needling treatments in Bel Air, CA?

In Bel Air, CA, you certainly have no shortage of spas and estheticians to choose from. The difficulty is finding one you can trust to deliver fast results you can show off to friends and family. When you trust Onsite Med Spa, you can still get the same treatments but wherever you feel most comfortable, whether at home or in the office.

Call us today to book an appointment and receive your first microneedling treatment faster than you think.

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