NAD+ Vitamin Treatment in Bel Air, CA

It’s always best to take a holistic approach to spa treatments and never limit yourself to one therapy in particular. After all, with so many success stories online, you have to wonder how people can achieve such fantastic results in pretty short order. Is it that they have a secret they don’t want to share, or is the reason more down-to-earth, like picking the right treatments in the first place?

The answer falls right in between the two because some lesser-known therapies are gaining popularity in 2022, and NAD+ vitamin therapy is a prime example. Now, let’s go over the essentials to understand better what to expect before you contact Onsite Medspa to learn more.

A visualization of a NAD+ Vitamin IV treatment done in Bel Air, CA.

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, otherwise known as NAD+, is a chemical compound found naturally in the body. Research shows that it may have anti-aging properties and help to relieve symptoms like:

  • Decreased energy levels
  • An increase in chronic fatigue
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Increased fat production and storage
  • An increase in chronic inflammation
  • Neurodegeneration (or neurodegenerative disease)

The last sign is most troubling overall and always requires a physician’s help to minimize symptoms. Neurodegeneration and related diseases can lead to agitation, anxiety, apathy, forgetfulness, memory loss, mood changes, and decreased brain function. But the good news is that NAD+ could help.

The theory is that intravenous infusions of NAD+ help cells produce energy more efficiently or restore healthy functioning. If our bodies don’t have the right amount of NAD in general, it can lead to a sluggish, drowsy energy level. Often, we don’t know why we’re not feeling like ourselves until we speak with a professional specializing in holistic therapies instead of prescription medications with harmful side effects.

What are the benefits of NAD+ therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a relatively new treatment modality to increase energy and metabolic functions, including boosting the immune system. Basically, NAD+ works at the cellular level to nourish your body and reduce the effects of aging. You may not be able to prevent growing older, but you can take decisive action to make a genuine commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

NAD+ vitamin therapy can sharpen cognition and attention and make it easier to concentrate for longer periods. The physical benefit is that you’ll feel more energetic and youthful again. NAD+ can relive the mental anguish triggered by anxiety and depression on the emotional side of the equation.

But NAD+ truly shines as an intervention to treat addiction withdrawal symptoms. When illegal street drugs ravage our cells over time, the body needs to help restore healthy functioning and hopefully reverse some of the damage.

Last but not least, NAD+ works excellent as an anti-aging therapy because it’s a comprehensive treatment that aids many parts of the body at once. Nowadays, the anti-aging properties are receiving the most publicity, for a good reason. Simply put, NAD+ works and works well too!

Who is a candidate for NAD+?

As we just touched upon, anyone suffering in the throes of drug addiction can benefit significantly from NAD+, but it doesn’t have to be that extreme. While a child may not receive the same benefits as an adult, just about everyone is a candidate as long as you’re healthy enough to go through the actual procedure, which actually doesn’t take very long if you find the right spa service.

How does the treatment work?

Undergoing the therapy is simple enough but should always be performed in a safe setting. The procedure involves slowly receiving a concentrated dose of NAD+ via an IV, so another name for the therapy is the NAD+ drip. This way, the compound can directly enter the bloodstream without going into the stomach for metabolization. You might require frequent treatments initially, but it’s usually OK to receive vitamin therapy once a month after the first few weeks.

Where can you find professional NAD+ vitamin therapy in Bel Air, CA?

There’s definitely no shortage of Medical Spa’s in the Bel Air, CA area, but few provide treatments and services in the comfort of your own home or an office setting if you have a packed schedule. The challenge is always picking a spa with a proven track record of outstanding results. If you’d like to learn more information about Onsite Medspa, we’d love to hear from you to set up an initial consultation.

Contact us today to book an appointment and start receiving NAD+ vitamin therapy!

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