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Microneedling works well for many skin conditions related to aging, and you don’t necessarily have to receive the treatment on your face, although that’s the most common use case. Still, the cosmetic procedure is already beneficial, but it’s even better when you combine microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) – also known as a vampire facial. Without a doubt, vampire facials are fantastic for people who want to receive microneedling but don’t mind going to the next level.

Microneedling with PRP is perfect for those who want to quicken the pace of healing after the initial treatment. Studies have shown that adding PRP to microneedling improves patient outcomes. Yet, not many people understand the procedure or why it’s an attractive option when you want to avoid invasive cosmetic treatments. Here’s a quick look at the basics of vampire facials to give you a better idea of what to expect before booking an appointment for Onsite Med Spa to visit you in Bel Air, CA.

A visualization of a Vampire Facial treatment done in Bel Air, CA.

What exactly is a vampire facial treatment?

Collagen induction therapy is the technical term for microneedling, but most of us stick with the common name. Either way, the basics still apply. You can revitalize the skin and look youthful and healthy once again by stimulating collagen and elastin production. At a basic level, the treatment smoothes out defects in the skin, but when you add PRP treatment after receiving microneedling, the results will be more noticeable. Not only that, but you’ll heal faster as well, which means you can receive your subsequent treatment sooner than you think.

How does a vampire facial work?

A vampire facial works just like a regular microneedling, but there’s a critical distinction. The difference is that you’ll receive PRP injections to the affected area or as a topical treatment after the procedure finishes. Aside from that, vampire facials proceed as an ordinary micro-needling cosmetic treatment. The PRP portion is non-invasive, and many people add it almost as an afterthought because they’ve used it so often. Your face will still feel sensitive to the touch and may display noticeable swelling, but you should recover faster when you undergo a vampire facial. Everyone’s cosmetic features are unique, yet PRP speeds up recovery in most people.

Who is an ideal candidate?

That being said, the next question is: who’s an ideal candidate for vampire facials and micro-needling at all, for that matter. It’s a misnomer that these procedures are only for women because men can receive them just the same and with similar results too. The risk with a vampire facial is that you have to have no history of a blood clotting disorder, and if you’re pregnant, it’s best to wait until you have your child. Another caveat is that you should hold off on microneedling if you’re still suffering from a bad case of acne, which may cause additional scarring.

Along those lines, children and young teenagers should avoid vampire facials because the procedure isn’t intended for that age group. Instead, adults will receive the most benefit as their skin will lose its elasticity and vibrance over time. If you tend to scar easily, it might be best to avoid vampire facials, and another caveat is when you’ve received radiation therapy within the last year. It’s also good practice to avoid vampire facials if you suffer from rosacea or facial eczema. Other than that, most of us qualify.

What other conditions can a vampire facial help with?

In addition to healing scars related to acne, micro-needling with PRP is an excellent treatment for a number of facial defects related to natural aging processes. We’ve previously mentioned the general use cases, but vampire facials can treat other things like scar tissue resulting from burning. It won’t completely remove the scars, yet the difference will be noticeable. The main difficulty is finding a professional-grade facility with a long track record of performing successful vampire facials.

Where can you find world-class vampire facial treatments in Bel Air, CA?

In Bel Air, CA, you certainly have no shortage of spas and estheticians to choose from. The difficulty is finding one you can trust to deliver fast results you can show off to friends and family. When you trust Onsite Medspa, you can still get the same treatments wherever you feel most comfortable, whether at home or in the office.

Call us today to book an appointment and receive your first vampire facial treatment faster than you think.

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